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Proper Queens English Spoken 'ere. 

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These pages contain racial, sexually explicit and chauvinistic material along with swear words such as bastard, wanker, twat and shit. Expect sick jokes, sick pictures and sick stories. If easily offended knob-off somewhere else.

Welcome to the  All New (well nearly all new, coz there's still some old shit here also) Youngie's joint, the official home page of John Young. The English guy who who has more to shag with than most guys have got to walk on. People have been hassling me for years to update this page and to be quite honest it's been getting on my tits too so I've finally gone and done something about it, so sit back relax, grab a beer or have a wank and cruise around. (If you haven't got the energy to have a "five knuckle shuffle", then have a shit instead because it's a well known fact that a well timed shite is as good as a wank - that came from a Geordie friend of mine John Cant who used to spend most of his day in the bogs).

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The Dogs Bollocks.
[Check out the fucking Jacobs on this dog]