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What the fuck is that? Probably one of the most commonly asked questions when people first lay eyes on Frankenbike™, the second question is, "Can I have a go?".  Frankenbike is a mish-mash of old shite. I had a 50cc motor lying about from a Yamaha Passola. I decided to do something with it, so I bought a child's Mongoose Scooter from K-Mart for $60 and cut the back of it. I used some square tubing from Home Depot to make a frame for the bike which basically bolted the motor to the scooters front once using some spacers on the lathe.  The gas tank is from a Honda 50 off E-bay and I bought the seat, the most expensive item ($30) from a bicycle shop.

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Features - FUCK ALL.

The bike uses the original wheel/brake block/rim combo from the Mongoose scooter up front (left lever). The rear brakes are built in to the rear wheel of the Pissola wheel (drum brakes) and are operated by the right lever. Footpegs are stock from the Mongoose scooter on the front axle so you assume a cruising position and your feet move as you steer the bike. Transmission is 2 speed automatic with centrifugal clutch. Original twist grip from Pissola for throttle. Bike has been modified to run on pre-mix only, the oil pump has been disabled. It's a good way of getting rid of my old race fuel. I milled about 0.5mm off the head to aid with compression, opened up the carb inlet and matched the transfer ports to the cases. This did absolutely nothing for power as I would say the main restriction is in the pipe anyway. I run without any air filter at all, just the rubber boot, it's not worth it. Top speed is 30mph and weight with gas is 77 pounds, power is about 2.5 hp. It has no suspension. Bent frame is a product of the neighbours kids. Little bastards!

Frankenbike sold on E-bay at the end of 2001 for $95.00

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